About Tejashree

Nature inspires!


Hello & Namaste, I am Tejashree. I am delighted to connect with you!. I am a Certified Personal & Professional Coach [CPCC], from the Coaches Training Institute. I earned two Masters’ degrees in Psychology & also core Courses in Training & Organizational Development.

I believe that women are natural leaders in our communities. I am passionate about human empowerment & deeply value learning & nurturing personal, professional, spiritual development!.

When I went through significant job changes & stressors in my early career, I gained a deeper awareness of my values, perceptions & resiliency! Owning & integrating my challenges & gifts only expanded my empathy, compassion, and passion for feminine empowerment!

From early on, one of my challenges [& gift] was that I noticed “the elephant in the room”. While it can be very useful to discover blind spots to grow beyond in life & work, speaking up was not expected nor acceptable from a girl in the Indian culture. Frankly, I’ve noticed it isn’t easy for many women in many parts of the world. Recognizing the gift within & speaking with wise courage can however transform our life and work world!

I especially enjoy time with my family, playing, walking in nature, music, reading & traveling!

I am inspired by many enlightened beings for their impact on our world.

Who are you touched and inspired by?