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Hello Working Women & Moms,

Are you living your true potential?

Do you want to disconnect from your mental chatter & release stress?

What do you want your life & work to look & be like so you leap with joy!

Pivot for your happiness now!

  • Release stress
  • Cultivate your focus
  • Align with your soul’s purpose
  • Expand contentment and joy
  • Live a life you love


“Tejashree, I enjoyed coaching with you!. You really do understand what I am saying, and NOT saying, and you give me the freedom to explore new areas easily. Your coaching style is warm and embracing” K.F., CA

“Tejashree’s integration of visualization in coaching is motivational, uplifting, and highly intuitive. It helps focus my energy so that I can process and structure the patterns necessary to establish my goals”. MYJ, CA

“My life is different because I have started listening more to my inner voice and coming from my heart instead of my head.  My purpose is to live with integrity of heart in service to families.  I find myself at times coming from my head because I think that things need to be a certain way, I can make my life very mechanical when I don’t listen to my heart.  I have grown to appreciate the phrase in my purpose “integrity of heart” because when I am coming from that place life flows, when I am not in that place I am very analytical.  I like myself better when I come from my heart.” Kaye, CO

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“The laser coaching was also quite helpful.   I often let myself get so busy I don’t stop to think about how to implement quality of’ life strategies for myself.  After the laser coaching call and support, I am finding ways to include simple strategies (goals) into my life and schedule and actually making good progress toward all three.”  Cheryl, OH

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  • Prior clients: Custom design your laser sessions package to supercharge you during transitions or for additional intentions, simply email!

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us” Oliver Wendell Holmes

Note: Coaching is not consulting, therapy nor treatment for any condition. Should you have a physical or other condition, please consult with your treatment provider. All services and offers including paid or free ones are based on the belief & premise that each person is creative & responsible for themselves & their choices. It is our policy hence that all clients, group & individual coaching, virtual or live class, & workshop participants agree to a “hold harmless clause”.   Individual results may vary