Guided Meditation

One of the easiest ways to learn & practice meditation!

Picture by Tejashree at her favorite spot in nature!

Why meditate? Potential benefits include:

  • *Stress reduction / relief / release
  • *Improved attention span and focus
  • *Increase in self-awareness
  • *Greater productivity
  • *May reduce the body’s inflammatory response
  • *Studies indicate daily meditation can improve emotional regulation & overall well-being

Click on two-minute clip below to listen to one of Tejashree’s guided imagery meditations!

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Tejashree has facilitated guided meditations also at the Palos Verdes Library, Redondo Beach Library, Torrance YMCA and received excellent reviews.

Why meditate with Tejashree? Testimonials:

I went from an 8 to 3 in stress level after your meditation. Was helpful to quiet the mind. Required in these turbulent times. More people need this!” Ronnie, CA

“I went down from a 7 to 2 in my stress level. The meditation was very relaxing!” Eric, CA

The guided meditation was very calming.” Amy Feller, Librarian, Redondo Beach, CA

I found that releasing stress in a healthy manner is very necessary for me. Meditation heals me although I’ll admit I was skeptical initially, I found your guided meditation very helpful to release stress.” Richard Bressler, CA

Awesome workshop! I went from a 10 to a 0 in my stress level after your guided meditation. I will use these techniques to help reduce stress in my life & be more mindful.” Aimie Horst, CA

“Your guided imagery & tips later on daily mindfulness was very helpful. I also found the information about changing my perceptions very useful.” Sandra, CA

“Tejashree has a powerful yet gentle presence, even over the telephone. I felt seen and understood by her, and her skill in guided imagery is amazing. I can’t recommend her enough if you want to learn meditation and or use guided imagery to open and center your mind.” Christine Pepper Wong, CPCC, Life and Business Coach since 1999

“Tejashree has the unique gift of guiding the spirit. Her sensitive tones resonate below your senses, calling you inward. In our first session together, I was there with my Master!” Daniel Holmes, Past President, ICFLA, Certified Life Coach and Trainer

“We would like to thank you, Tejashree, for your incredible contribution to our 2008 Resource Realizations’ Conference. Our conference participants were very impressed with your demonstrations of meditation and guided imagery, which supports them in better listening, relaxation, and learning skills.  Your generously shared ideas created a place of clearing and grounding for our participants as well as provided them with the ability to return home and share those same gifts with their clients. Our participants so loved the gift of your amazing self care tools and they continue to cherish the experience of their time with you at the Conference. We will always value you as an incredible resource for us in this journey of life and our quest to be the difference in the world. We would love to have you join us again at a future conference.
With Gratitude,”  Ginny Carter and Scott Simpson, 2008 Resource Conference Chairpersons

Why meditate with Tejashree?

* Her meditations have consistently received positive/excellent reviews

* Her guided meditations are soothing, relaxing & invite growth!

* Tejashree started learning meditation early on in India &

* Learned various forms of meditation over the years

* Meditation practice deepened & expanded her positive experience of life

* Tejashree received Guided Imagery Certification with Synergy Seminars, 2009

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