Gym for MY Soul

Are you personally & / or professionally impacted by the pandemic?
Have you wanted to develop a meditation practice yet struggled or postponed it before?
Would you like to clear your head & listen to your soul’s whispers for your life & work?
Join us for Tejashree’s next Gym For My Soul, A Seven class meditation program to begin your journey!

What’s super about Gym For MY Soul, a Meditation Program:

* Gym For MY Soul offers opportunities for new beginnings in your meditation practice!

* You receive great support to cultivate your meditation practice with ease & joy!

* You don’t need to go far away for a 7 day retreat

* You don’t need to spend a ton of money! Currently offered for only $29.00 [Regularly $39.99]

You receive seven meditations classes + download of the guided meditations to practice also later at any time you wish!

* I love facilitating meditations so they are relaxing, easy and nourishing to the soul!

  • When you release stress, relax and center, you open to:
  • *New possibilities and to
  • *Being creative and more!

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

Albert Einstein

About Gym To My Soul:

Thank you!  It was very relaxing and helpful to relieve stress.”  Anand, CA

“I enjoy the guided meditation sessions offered by Tejashree Chawla in Gym For MY Soul which I find to be easy, creative and relaxing.  The prompts are gentle and the session experience is supportive and beneficial.”   Kathleen Hurley

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“Having an enormous amount of responsibility associated with business and family, I often find it hard to stop and meditate.  Tejashree’s Gym for My Soul and follow-up weekly sessions have been just what I need. In the past, I have taken meditation classes, but I find it hard to develop the habit of regular meditation without the ongoing practice and commitment that Tejashree so joyfully offers.  This has been ideal to support me in enriching my spiritual self. ” Beth M., Doylestown, PA

Visit us again soon to sign up for our next Gym For My Soul program at :