Open House, Gym For MY Soul [Free Event]


Special Open House event for Gym For MY Soul Free guided meditation with Tejashree

When: Nov 27th, 2020 

From 9 - 9.30 am PT / 12 noon - 12.30 ET]

Do you have some prior meditation experience & wish for a jumpstart? OR

Are you an experienced meditator wishing to add to your practice? 

You can sign up and experience our unique Gym For MY Soul class FREE at our Open House on Tues Nov 27th! 

Join us to:

  • Release stress

  • Center and ground within your body &

  • Take a step forward to nurture your soul

“Each and every meditation with Tejashree allows me to disconnect from my mental chatter and takes me to a unique and very special place. 
Each unique meditation with Tejashree connects me with a different aspect of my spiritual self and supports me in anchoring this practice joyfully in my life.” 
Beth M., Doylestown, PA  
Our only Prerequisites to attend our Open House on Nov 27th are:
1) Prior meditation experience or a prior meditation program with Tejashree
2) A commitment to be punctual
3) An open mind and loving spirit

Sign up here and join us for our Complimentary Open House

When: Nov 27th, 2020

From 9 – 9.30 am PT / 12 noon – 12.30 ET]

To your best!
Tejashree Chawla, MA, MS, CPCC


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