Seven Strategies For Finding Joy

By Tejashree Chawla, MA, MS, CPCC

[Note: You are invited to take what you like & you think best works for you]

Are you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed & worried with the way things are now?

Would you like to find joy even in these unprecedented time & develop it to be a frequent choice & way of being?

Read on…

Seven strategies for finding joy that may possibly help even in this time:

1) Develop a practice of always counting your blessings. More than likely, even in this time, there’s almost always something you could be grateful for. Perhaps it could be as basic as being thankful for one’s breath, being alive or having someone who loves you. Even during times of change, loss & grief, when one chooses to breathe consciously & in time accept the change & losses associated & one’s emotions, focusing on one’s blessings will likely help.

2) When you’re not feeling joy, pause & notice-where have you been looking for joy? Looking outside and especially only to material things for joy is likely to leave you wanting. Looking within on the other hand can be deeply fulfilling. Daily practices such as meditation, prayer, journal writing can help you in your journey of finding joy.

Accepting & loving one self fully including ones so called flaws is also a significant key to finding peace & joy in one’s life.

3) Develop a habit of consciously choosing to ask empowering questions of yourself & others. The questions we ask ourselves will support & inspire thoughts that better serve our highest intentions!

So, just in case you are asking “why me” & feeling like a victim, here’s an alternate you would want to ask yourself instead: “What’s the opportunity here?”. This latter empowering question can open you up to better possibilities!

As is said: when one asks wise questions, one is more likely to get wise answers.

For example, when one asks something like” Why did I make this mistake?”,

one isn’t very likely to get answers that will help you move forward or have breakthroughs.

Replacing this with a question like, “What can I learn from this?”

Or “What 1 thing can I do to turn this around?” is more likely to move you forward!

“Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is” Bhagavad Gita

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another,” William James (American Philosopher and Psychologist)

4) Build a daily habit to invest in your self-care & growth even for a few minutes (you can start with even ten minutes & build on it).

Do something that nurtures you. You can even start small by taking 10 to 20 minutes a day for perhaps a walk, reading, gardening, swimming, meditating or any other such activity by which you feel naturally alive!. I’m saying this from my own experience and based on what I’ve learnt from people who are living joyful and successful lives. Those who take good care of themselves are much more likely to be more joyful than those who don’t. Also, they are likely to be more available to give freely to others without resentment, guilt or burnout.

5) Do something everyday to contribute to others and with no expectations!

Even on the busiest of days, one could contribute with at least one (if not more) simple acts of love or kindness such as a welcoming smile, a card acknowledging another person, or perhaps saying a prayer for someone going through a challenging time based on your beliefs.

6) Befriend nature. Take time daily to befriend nature. Perhaps a walk, gardening or even if necessary, working on your laptop or taking a call at a park, your yard or under a tree. Newton’s discovery illustrates creativity thrives while being outdoors in nature. Taking even 20 minutes to be in nature will more than likely recharge you!

Also consider building a garden that may help sustain you with some vegetables & fruits [nowadays even possible in small spaces.]

7) Find your purpose and live it…

Why wait to discover & live your purpose when you retire or when your kids graduate or another time? Why not begin now?

You are more likely to be vibrantly alive, fulfilled & joyful no matter what when you are living from purpose than if you are not. So do take the time to find & live your purpose.

And if you know your purpose & feel stuck or want support moving forward fully in living your purpose, email me at to connect & get started !

Note: this article is for informational purposes only.

Original Copyright Tejashree Chawla 2009; Revised 2020

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